What we do

Atento executes all your set & exhibition constructions, from pre-planning to set-up.

Set Construction for television

Set building for television is often a complex and technical venture, to be set up within a tight deadline.
Thanks to our internal know-how and elaborate network of craftsmen, we can tackle every challenge;
Take a look at our set construction for television.

Take a look at our set construction for television


When furnishing a museum, conservation and security of the exhibits are key . Moreover, installations need to endure long and extensive use. In addition to  exhibition cases, display models and alike, we also provide custom build supports and pedestals that measure up to  the highest standards. 

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Exhibitions have a provisional nature and need to be resistant to intensive use. Security and conservation are key. Our thorough expertise will guarantee an exhibition that meets your demands.

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Set and scenery for theater and opera

We specialise in modular sets that are easy to install  and take down as well as  secure and easy transportable. In our fully equiped workshop we have the space to build up complete sets and pretest them  thoroughly.

Take a look at our set & scenery construction for theatre & opera


Although tv, exhibitions, theatres and museums are our core business, we provide on request the construction and installation of exhibition stands, the furnishing of public and private areas and the production and installation of kitchens, bathrooms and custom furniture.

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